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N E W · Andean Girl, 2

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Location: Pumawanka, Urubamba (Peru)

The 2nd of the Andean girl featuring the incredible patinas & handwork of the local Peruvian fashion.  

And in case you missed the story: I became very ill on my trip to Peru.  Altitude sickness.  My consciousness was foggy at best, although I remember thinking this is by far the most painful thing I've endured.  And then, threaded in and out of my awareness, was this young Peruvian girl.  I remember how incredibly beautiful she was.  I fell in love with the patina & patterns of her dress and sling.  I remember her leading the horse they put me on when I couldn't walk.  She was quiet and kind.  She trekked through snow in sandals and I had to beg her to share my water after miles of steep climb.
I think sharing the stories behind photographs creates meaning and connection above composition and color.  This photo is for her.  The Andean Girl.

· Archival Matte Paper (FSC-certified, acid-free paper with a smooth, neutral-white finish) 
· Heavy Weight Paper (230 gsm) 

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